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Daily Archives: August 17, 2013

Happy Birthday – Promote Yourself


Happy birthday my precious  boy
Your first birthday will be full of joy,
I can’t believe you’re one already
A baby now growing nice and steady,
You change so much every day
The way you talk, look and play,
Your baby face is gradually fading
Each expression slowly changing,
You won’t stay this way for long
So I hold these memories, with my heart strong,
You’ve been spoilt just as you should be
I love to see you be so happy,
All the family have come to share your joy
You will always be our beautiful baby boy.

Abbe Cutforth

Find Me There – Promote Yourself


There isn’t any time left.
but she said,
she would love me forever.
I hoped – at least,
there would be somewhere to hide
in the half cast hell-shadow,
saturated with solitude.

Saturated with solitude,
in the half cast hell-shadow
there, would be somewhere to hide.
I hoped – at least
she would love me forever.
but she said,
there isn’t any time left.

-Christopher Flame


Love once swelled in a rising sea,
Only to erode with an ocean breeze.
Feelings would drift as windswept sand,
Till a shield was built to stand.
Where once water breached my porous heart,
Rocks have sealed the weakest parts.
Slippery steps on “thrown out”* rubble,
Could bring me closer to “toil and trouble.”
Yet, the sea once left to gorge and scour,
Has been becalmed by stony bowers.
And as I watch from projections,
My mind is stilled with reflections.

Sent in by Wendy Shreve

*Jetty comes from the French word jetée or “thrown out.”
And an acknowledgement to William Shakespeare for “. . . toil and trouble.”

Beauty is Pain – Promote Yourself


There is something comforting in loneliness and something beautiful in pain.
Because when the happiness (the sunsunsun and the lightlightlight and the hopehopehope),
Skips towards me, I can see
My shadow. It looms and pesters and wants after me,
But I say “maybe another day”.
Pricks of blood slip and slide and shimmy across my fingertip;
The glitter falling from the heavens pierces my skin;
Bright burning yellow glares at my eyes from the blue above.
Because today I will be with the happiness and I can look at pain’s beauty,
From a distance. Observe how it changes and morphs and tries to
But we all say “maybe another day”.
And I smile.

Dona Miller

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