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Daily Archives: August 20, 2013

“Attempting” – Promote Yourself


the harder I push, the farther back
i step, travel, progress, regress
i miss recess, when I thought and wept less
i forgot everything I was taught during that time
where the monkey bars were my tarzan spotlight
the swing swung low,
but I told the angel to keep riding
come back tomorrow and see if i’m ready
after recess I got a snack and I think mom packed spaghetti
I’ll eat while watching godfather
my lost role as such is a hard pill to swallow
i carried a casket small enough for a munchkin
but the wizard didn’t warn me of such destruction
the pain involved is something of consumption
I’m attempting to function
it’s a despicable attempt
you’ll never win, throw it in
bench your karma, control ya sin
the outside world is confused, i’ll go within
upon re-emergence, I’ll grow again
or not.

My name is Nathan Ivey, the title of my poem is “Attempting”, and I am from the United States via South South Carolina. I have been writing and performing poetry and spoken word at small venues for about 6 years now. I am an English graduate from the University of South Carolina (Columbia) and writing is my life. I also record songs and I am an advocate of collaborating to create new things. 

Her Jeans


I remember that day
We had skipped class
Laying about in her dad’s
flat one spring morning
Our legs were intertwined
Soft kisses
Dreaming eyes
And fingertips tracing
Each other’s lives
My hands upon her
Inner thighs
Touching her breath
As the fabric brought
Her skin alive
Lips tasting soft
Our lives were one
In a pause I told her
Truly how I loved
Her jeans
She smiled back …
‘they fit just right’

Thom Amundsen

BLUE,ANYONE? – Promote Yourself

Blue is a funny color;
It’s not like any other.
Why defined as “sad: when
“The blues” often make us glad?
Boys born are wrapped in blue;
Why can’t girls have the color, too?
Azure, midnight, sapphire and true;
Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, who knew?
Persian, Maya(n), Prussian, Egyptian,
Indigo, teal, electric and cerulean,
Endless varieties, too many to list,
So, please don’t tell me what I’ve missed.
Topazes, diamonds, tourmalines; sapphires,
Cheese, my book cover and gas-fed fires,
Simple beauties: flowers, seas or skies,
Berries, birds and butterflies.
Naturally my favorite color is blue,
And now I’ll ask, “What about you?”

Wendy Shreve

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