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~WAVES~ – Promote Yourself


Waves to say hello to constant friends,
Waves to bid goodbye to seasons’ ends;
Waves to rollick, dance and spin,
Waves to conduct an orchestra to begin.
 Permanent waves to create new dos;
Bird waves which sweep above you;
Flag waves with mercurial breezes;
Thought waves that rush like sneezes;
Making waves to be constructive;
Electrical waves which are productive.
Rippling lakes from waves of wind;
Ocean currents bring waves that bend;
Hot days during waves of heat;
Sports events where waves repeat.
Doppler waves, sound waves, and gamma waves, aren’t science fiction;
Microwaves, gravitational waves, and ultraviolet waves could be in your kitchen.
Seismic waves, tidal waves, and rogue waves portend destruction.
Sonic waves, light waves, and mechanical waves which need instruction.
Modulating, undulating, standing and plane,
Versus Alpha, Beta Delta; Theta which comprise the brain;
Beach, Reef and Point breaks for surfing the ocean blue;
Other waves too numerous to mention to you.
So, I’ve decided to go outside and play
On this temperate, inviting day.
And as the sea beckons a view,
I wave to ask: “Come join me, too.”
Wendy Shreve

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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