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Daily Archives: September 1, 2013

Sweet Ceremony of Love


Ritual touch
Quiet breeze driven afternoon
Senses brought alive
With sweet fingertips
Serenading skin soft sensual
Imagine a travel
Shoulder tips
Yearning; sense of response
Breathe quietly letting skin feel
Lips nearby anticipating reaching
The touch curls shoulders close
And fingertips move inside
Nape of neck
A new arousal arises nearby
Cupped hands eager
And skin connects with lips
Glistening from moisture
As my tongue now tastes your beauty
A memory will
Create a delicious retelling
An eroticism that accentuates
Our most elegant moments of rapture
Grace, eloquent whispers that tease the ear
As hands now dive wantonly wishing only
To continue to move the moment closer
To that reality of love, of release, of passion
Such mechanics of human nature
Become magical when Love sweeps alive

Thom Amundsen

Sieze the moment,it’s your time to shine – Promote Yourself


Time may seem long but it will come to end,
so show what you’ve got while there’s time to spend;
Don’t just think, don’t just dream, don’t just say-
Turn them into reality and find a way.
lt is not too early, it is not too late;
Make a way as long as there’s to create;
You’ll never know unless you try,
seize the moment and don’t be shy.
It might be hard to climb the top,
but keep on moving and never stop;
there could be things that you might drop,
but don’t lose hope and don’t look down.
With great determination, you’ll shine like a star;
When we see a constellation, you’ll be the one too far;
In the sky of success, you’ll never fall;
As long as you’re with Him, you’ll have it all.

Shevaun Lemieux

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