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Daily Archives: September 6, 2013


Thank you Father for Nature,
For supplying the food we eat,
For the many wonderful fruits,
That is tasty and so sweet.

Thank you for the vegetables,
That helps the body to survive,
That nourishes our very being,
To keep us all alive.

Thank you for the conditions,
The wind, the rain and storm,
Thank you for the sunshine,
That ripens the fields of corn.

Bless all the harvest,
Those graces our table fare,
Abundance of glorious food,
A feast for all to share.
So as we celebrate Harvest Festival,
Let us think of those in need,
Send your thoughts out to the starving,
That all of them may feed.

Help us share your treasure,
To those that are starving today,
Give them strength and nourishment,
To soothe their pains away.

If through your love and understanding,
We conquer famine decay and despair,
Then Father we have learnt our lesson,
For through you we have learnt to share.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

“Of Wolf and Man”


Sun sets on humanity

Full moon on the rise

Lunar cycle returns me

Grisly truth I despise

Cast aglow in silvery radiance

Pins and needles prick the skin

Anticipation of the changing

My transformation will begin

Eyes run red and open wide

Crimson vision, wicked blood thirst

The hunger and the fury consume me

A dreadful existence, an evil curse

Moving swiftly I own the night

Nostrils flare and catch the scent

Unrelenting predator, frantic prey

A bounding leap, ending torment

Shaking and tearing, snarl and growl

Victim ceases thrashing, body goes slack

Meat from bone, blood spills to the earth

Expect no return from this savage attack

My insatiable hunger tempered once more

I howl at the moon with contented elation

Wishing this was my everlasting existence

“Of wolf and man” instead my surreal Damnation

The sun will rise again soon………

Thanks again PC for providing this outlet. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did writing it.
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