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Daily Archives: September 10, 2013

Message in a bottle – Promote Yourself


Trying to cleanse this mess from my mind
by condensing it into this pen’s lifeblood
and wiping away it’s tears along the lines
caressing the clean clear tree
leaving my stain to drip down
makin’ this mess worse
no lesson learned
just stress burnin’
a dress turnin’ in a circle
rising up
til it’s chirpin’ with the birds above the churches
but it will never get the best of me
I’ll be blessin’ thee
consistently taking a rest to see
that this test is cheap
so I’ll keep passin’
like it’s it my quest to keep
sober, makin’ certain my pests are weak
need to be sure of what I’m treasuring
never lettin’ the world express myself for me
I’ll be investing ink into pages that I read
when I’m pressin’ keys
throwin’ my message in a bottle at the sea
to see the world I’ll never be
comfortable with,
the tension starts in my shoulders
ends at the dots in your eyes
I nervously attempt to connect before the bomb goes on and on and on

Sam Quenton

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