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Daily Archives: September 11, 2013

Our Greatest Fear – Promote Yourself

Hi there, my name is Natalie diSanto and I am 20 years old. I used to live in Philadelphia, PA but recently moved to Colorado! I wrote this poem about one of my best friends who ended up meaning a lot more to me than just any normal friend. It was hard to leave him, but we both had really long hair.

When we braided our hair together
And lost the difference as it tumbled like water

Our fingers a maze of river rocks
Our laughter like rapids

Fish swam across the tides

The morning after, we were shy and muddy
In our dehydrated skins

Then your tide pool eyes rippled
And we saw the fish had stayed with us

So we swam back through our hair

The night you kissed me
Tears turned our mouths to oceans

The day I left
Our woven hands, humid estuaries

Weeks before
Our toes sunk in a stagnant creek
Our hair pulled back from the algae

There were no fish around

You told me
You’re afraid of water

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