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Daily Archives: September 15, 2013

I still miss you – Promote Yourself


Yes it true
I still miss you
One hundred days can erase your memory
But two words
Out of your lips
Will bring them all back

How can I ever know
If I am done loving you
If the only way for me to know
Is for you to address me, and me,
Not feel the squeeze in my lungs.

How can I ever know
If you will never talk to me again.

Maybe I see you around me
I seek to be near you
So that I try and test myself
Until the day, that your greetings
Will not be the meaning of my day

The dreams in my nights

The light in the rainy morning

The energy, which you took away from me.
The day you left me to my fate.
The day you unwillingly left me,
So that I could be better off…

I still miss you
I allow myself a few minutes a day to remember
I allow myself a few days a month to regret

And I move on,
Hoping I let out all I needed to.
But then a new day dawns and I fight the urge to love you

For you do not love me
Me, Im just a sad memory
Disappointment and anger
No love, because I never gave you the chance to fall

I was careful, to keep you away from my poison
Which now, has ascaped my arteries
Spread through my system
And is infecting me from the inside
Where I miss you
I miss you.

Katerina Fondi.

Hi, I am from Italy and live in greece, i am 21 and study Communications. i write all the time and i want to believe this is not one of my best but it is my most recent… i would love it if you could publish it and maybe i could send you others.

I’m dreaming. – Promote Yourself

I’m dreaming.
My head knows I am
Lying in my bed
My heart
It believes
I am once again
Living with you.
I thought he took you
From me
He burned you out of my mind
But not my soul
Here you remain.
I came to this place
To escape you.
The pain of breathing alone
They took it away
And I paid my price.
I do not understand
Why are you here
I feel you
Our life
Our plans
Your hope
The touch of your breath
On my skin
It’s so alive
How can that be?
You’re gone
This place is the fortress
That eases the pain.
The dream
It’s almost over
The pain
I can feel it
Building as quickly as
Your image fades.
It scolds
And overflows me
The heart and the brain
Look to each other for reason
At your presence here……………………….

Ask With Your Heart – Promote Yourself

ask heartxxxxxxxxxx
When the rain falls, to whom do you call?
And when you call, what is it that speaks?
For when it speaks, it does not sound sincere;
And the music it makes is awful to thy ears.

Speak what you need and not what you want;
When you wish upon a star, say not even a lie;
To be rewarded will be such a virtuous experience;
To be not will be such a painful chastisement.

I tell you, my brothers, to ask with your heart;
Whatever you ask, you shall then receive;
Be careful not to sin for you to be rewarded;
Be careful in drifting for someone might steal.

When woe comes, you shall listen to thy heart;
Yet if He does not live there, should you listen to it?
How would you realize if it is not so?
Ask with your heart, as what I just told!

Brothers, get rid of confusion and be still;
Acknowledge His power – His will shall be done!
Submit yourselves, be free from evil;
Do not do what you want but rather do what He wants.

For you are human, my brothers and sisters;
Your powers combined are not even half of His!
Speak with your heart, I said, not with your mouth;
As that is what that truly matters.

Address with your soul, my brothers and sisters;
What is so difficult in doing thus?
I will say it again, my brothers and sisters;
With your heart, please do humbly and solemnly ask.

What question should you ask if you were to call?
His love, my brothers, ask Him to stay in your heart.

Shevaun Lemieux

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