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Daily Archives: September 17, 2013

I would like to thank you by Malcolm Bradshaw

Publish in the Nottingham Post Letters



I would like to thank all the poets who have sent in their work to The Nottingham Post. It saddens me to know that the talents you all possess are no longer being published daily. It appears that not enough poems are being received to enable the paper to publish during the week. I can’t believe with respect to The Nottingham Post that our poets are not sending in their poems. It would be interesting to inform The Nottingham Post of your views, after all the paper I am sure will take into consideration all the views on this subject. Poets of Nottinghamshire do not let the Letters page take over which was once shared by your talents, think of all the readers who buy the paper just to read your work, do not deprive those who look forward to seeing your work in all its glory.



A Journey Without Luggage 
She left us.
The trip had been planned for some time
Although no ticket was purchased.
We could not join her
Even though at times we wanted to.
We sobbed and said our goodbyes
At her point of departure,
Promising to join her someday.
Her body seemed so light
As it was carried away.
And all the heavy baggage
Was left with us.
I’m Christy, and I’m not so much trying to promote myself (I don’t write as often as I should) as to put this piece out there for others who are hurting like I am. Friday (9/13) around 11 pm my husband and I stroked our little cat Shelby as her fight with cancer came to an end. This poem was born of that pain.

Welcome friend


Open the door to the spirit world,

A loved one is on their way,

To join all those that loves them,

For them it is a special day.


For them the suffering has ended,

Released from all earthly pain,

To walk in the presence of God,

To live and smile again.


To cast away the earthly shell,

To set the spirit free,

For they will be dearly blessed,

In the spirit world, they will see.


Just another dimension,

Just another sphere,

Returning to their home,

To those they hold so dear.


Do not look on their death with sorrow,

But send them on their way,

With love and reassurance,

To the spirit world to stay.



Malcolm G Bradshaw
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