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Daily Archives: September 18, 2013

Toilet paper – Promote Yourself

toilet paper

A roll that owns its toll

So set is nothing left to regret

As you wipe a rearend with it and

It shows its time well spent

So accumulates in your hand

The layers of landing the white paper

Folded neatly to complete a duty

So rests the time with the tables

As you reason on a pot

Thinking of wiping that spot

That brought such disaster in the moment

What was once urgent doesn’t

Seem so dramatic

So is the erratic nature of a need.

Toilet paper: you cant live without it.


                                                                                      Aimee Antozak




Underground – Promote Yourself


Perhaps, now is not the time I want to be unearthed.
Perhaps, I enjoy being underground.
Perhaps, I like the thrill of mystery;
Not everyone needs to know all the details.
Some words are best left unspoken,
And I like to guard my tongue; it is a very loose thing
Needing restraint against all its aims to destroy me.
Perhaps, you think I am too harsh a master,
But I need to be smart and mete out the weights.
That come in bearing my image to the world; my real self, unbridled
But quick to see the false face that arises underneath the masquerade.
Perhaps, you don’t understand it yet, or know what it means to live
In the light of reality.
So, perhaps, someday, you will learn to light the world on fire
And know the song of joy.

Dr Seussa

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