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Daily Archives: October 3, 2013

They are (wo)men like us – Promote Yourself


   We call them selfless, freedom fighters,

people who revolutionised their societies

We talk about them with the deepest admiration

And utter their names in sheer awe and reverence

Forgetting that they are (wo)men just like you and I

Two hands, two legs

Ten fingers, ten toes

They too like us, face divers kinds of woes

They are lauded with the statuette awards

Praised by columnists with all the glittering accolades the language can afford

We put them on pedestals and are held in their thrall

Forgetting that they are (wo)men like us all

What set them apart

That which sequestered them other than their heart

The heart immersed in what’s right

Or one that’s willing to forgive a slight

They stand up for what they believe, consequence be damned

The courage to pursue justice and not condone what’s an obvious sham

Yet we speak of them like they are celestial

Similar to some kind of extraterrestrial

One head, two knees

Not with one more eye

Forgetting that they are (wo)men like you and I

Where others failed they succeed

Became the heroes their ailing society needed

Not swinging with the status quo

To oppression,  injustice and corruption, they said no

They stood out indeed

They faced the challenge squarely

And subdued what could be considered an insecurity

They chose to put truth first

Came to be worth ten men due to that peculiar mindset

Yes it’s all in the mind

Maintaining a good conscience while on your grind 

So be it Dr King or Yaa Asantewaa

Next time you think of Steinem and Mandela and in adulation sigh

Remember, they are (wo)men like you and I

[This piece is something i have been thinking about for a long time and i was partly inspired by an article I read written by Manasseh Azure Awuni. You can check it out at ]


     Setor Dzisenu

     Accra, Ghana

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