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Daily Archives: October 10, 2013

LOVE CALL – Promte Yourself

 Dedicated to “True love at any age.”

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The search ended,
And life suspended;
Disease-ridden body failing;
Anxiety flaying;
Where to turn to right the wrong?
Deep inside, where life is strong.

Fought the gnawing anger within;
Fortified my thinning skin;
Focused on the scene ahead;
My soul awakened on the sea bed.

Words on paper released despair;
I rose above the self-impaired;
As my doubts were then released,
My heart opened to a feast.

You knew me like we’d met before,
Parallel worlds which crossed the door,
Two spirits fated to bloom and blend,
We heard the call of love at summer’s end.

Wendy Shreve

I’ve Got One In (A tribute to Albert a Fulham fan)


‘Mine’s a light and bitter’, Albert would say.
‘I’ve got one in,’ before the fray.
I’m here in my corner, reading my paper,
Checking that life’s still in order.
Ready to talk to my many friends,
Never thought it would come to an end.
‘I’m from Battersea Dogs Home’ Albert would say.
My manor was Fulham, every day.
On my “bi-cycle”, the black and whites way.
Came to Aston Clinton, with only a few quid.
Married my wife Pauline, I am so glad I did.
As ‘Peter the Painter’ I plied my trade,
And soon became known, far and wide.
So many memories I had to share,
So many stories plucked from the air.
Never boring with Albert our mate,
Always had the time to talk, till late.
I didn’t think I would be leaving quite so soon,
Thought I had time for another tune.
But that’s life, never goes as you plan.
So I hope when I get to heaven,
‘I’ve got one in’!
Thank you for being my friend
Thank you for being with me to the end.

By Simon Icke Aston Clinton, Bucks. UK copyright 2008

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