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Daily Archives: October 11, 2013

REVELATIONS – Promote Yourself


The child is aware;
The child is curious;
The child absorbs then doesn’t;
The child reacts;
The child gets angry;
The child speaks without thinking;
The child gets incentives to behave;
The child resists;
The child suffers consequences;
The child learns to survive.


The adult loses awareness;
The adult becomes stunted;
The adult shuns lessons;
The adult communicates without knowing;
The adult thinks;
The adult reacts with anger;
The adult gets lost;
The adult loses courage to resist;
The adult wants possessions to replace affection;
The adult ignores consequences;
The adult withers within and barely survives.


The politician doesn’t see;
The politician isn’t curious;
The politician rarely learns;
The politician reacts and doesn’t think;
The politician receives incentives to be a coward;
The politician resists without foreseeing the consequences;
The politician survives, if re-elected.
The politician becomes stuck;
The politician communicates without thinking;
The politician fights to win, and forgets how to lose;
The politician works for the few;
The politician creates the consequences;
The politician survives but the child pays the price.

Wendy Shreve

Dancing over piano keys


For six years
My fingers were trained
To build crescendos,
Sinking delicately into chords
Like Demi plies

I crumbled
In front of you
And you tried to rebuild me
But you still have me,
My missing pieces
In your back pocket
And I haven’t seen you
For eight months.

For six years, we raced each other
From one end of a scale
To the other, not once slipping
On the ivories,
Never did tears
Accompany the music
Until my fingers
Ran alone.

Even if we were
To meet again,
I couldn’t ask
For them back.

Now, six years later,
Stiff fingers and a heavy heart
Weigh on the yellowing keys
Like bad memories.
And even after all these
empty days,
I never miss a note.


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