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Daily Archives: October 12, 2013

Poem Light of Land by Salvatore Vionito · Promote Yourself


lighthouse the one

This foolish heart always breaks

against the fragile reflections

of life’s passing moments.

Like waves becoming glass, to shatter

against formations of rock. Piles built

by men casting hopes against the wind.

Falling prey to this bizarre ritual,

uncertainty lulls in curiosity’s wake.

As waves rush towards the lighthouse, land’s

luring promises, are empty.  False hopes,

dissolve into the drying thirst of the shore.

In the wake of sea before land, brightness dims,

and fleeting eyes begin to see all that is needed.

Fathoms unfold, deep in the heart of the sea.

~ salvatore vionito



What is it you see when you look at the Cross?
Have you ever looked upon it as a key?
A key to the mysteries concerning
   A key to open the door to a life in eternity.
      The Christian Church is hopelessly divided,
But there is one thing on which they all agree,
That Jesus Christ was the Son of God,
And that he was crucified on the Cross of Calvary.
The Christian Church has been torn assunder,
By those seeking to promote their own point of view,
Christianity is now presented in so many different guises,
It is difficult to decide which one is true.
Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Methodists and Baptists
Presbyterians and the United Reform to name a few,
Pentecostal, Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists,
With Jehovah’s Witnesses presenting a different point of view.
The church spends its time preaching to the converted,
Evangelical and Ecumenical are the buzz words of today,
So much time and effort is spent on organisation,
On important matters it seems they don’t have much to say.
What about the moral dilemmas that the youth of today must face,
How much guidance is the church prepared to give?
If they could get young people to ready the Bible,
They would get a good idea of how they should live.
For the Bible contains the truths that we should know,
Not always in the way we are led to understand,
For man has often provided a new translation of the scriptures,
Which do not always give the message that the authors planned.
The real purpose of the Church is to convince, not to condone,
And to help people to resist the temptations that come along,
There are so many things that we simply should not ignore,
It’s our duty to teach the difference between right and wrong.
As in days of old people should be called to repentance,
Should be made to see the error of their ways,
Be reminded that Christ died for their salvation,
For that is what the Bible clearly says.
That is the message on which the Church is united,
It preaches not only Christ, but Christ crucified,
The message is the key to unlock the mystery,
The importance of the answer cannot be denied.

Merkel was no ordinary turtle

Merkel was no turtle

With her bright orange paint

All she had was an engine

And a loop for a frame

No brakes to stop her

Has she flew down the track

At 74 miles per hour

Wow that was fast

Sadly in 1915 the Merkel flew no more

Because production came to an end

It was then the motorcycle enthusiast

Lost a very good friend

By Thomas Sims

A tribute to Joe Merkel

motorcycle pioneer

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