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Daily Archives: October 13, 2013

EMBEDDED – Promote Yourself


She said why do you hold me so high in regards
im just an ordinary woman with plenty of scars
& i said remember for all those that have held you
it only takes one to hold you


I write for you to check this
cause you’re number one on my check list
& i love you for the both of us cause you’re that special
not a song but to me you really are that instrumental


Easy to get caught up in the moment
i’m in love; so i just unload it
into these thoughts that are embedded
in all of what i couldn’t of expected


Throw you my love & hope to god it doesn’t get intercepted
& when you catch it
i hope what i feel; you feel & its accepted
the surprise in your eyes
is what i go for by design


You’re seamless
yet sewn with purpose
281 ways to love like if i was from Texas
loving you will always be my status



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