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Daily Archives: October 14, 2013

Wild Skies


Feel life brisk
High pressure settle in
Crisp, autumn morning
With blasts
Draping serious skies
Winter’s scorn is upon us all
A heaviness basks in air
Time now
Time asks for preparation
When once we were alone …
Quiet morning sun piques behind
Wandering winds
Haunting as the settling sky
Corrals summer’s eve
While we wait upon
A long and slow March
The dusty road turns cold …
The winds of autumn reckoning
Each season’s sweet serenity

Thom Amundsen

Nightcap – Promote Yourself


From this hillside heaped with melon leaves
we watch a golden foil settle over the city,

the outskirt factories shuttling smoke out to sea.
Today after work, after many bad days at work,

I punched the banister into a gap-toothed smile.
On the news we heard of the innocent bystander

caught in a hail of bullets. We imagined
downy feathers in a pendulum descent.

You pull the wine from the rapid of a cold brook.
Exhausted stars recoil into night.

Our mouths, open and soundless,
taste peach on our tongues, a hint of clove.

About the Author
Jason Tandon is the author of three collections of poetry including Wee Hour Martyrdom (2008) and Give over the Heckler and Everyone Gets Hurt (2009), winner of the 2006 St. Lawrence Book Award for a first book from Black Lawrence Press. His poetry and reviews have appeared in AGNI Online, Columbia Poetry Review, Harvard Review Online, Esquire, Pleiades, Poetry International, Prairie Schooner, Spoon River Poetry Review, and on NPR’s The Writer’s Almanac. He teaches in the College of Arts & Sciences Writing Program at Boston University

WHAT THEY CANNOT SEE – Promote Yourself

cape-cod Sm

Dark shifts to light as the sun crosses the surface;
A bright, crystal lake welcomes all to plunge and play;
As children leery of monsters at night, they embrace the safety of the day.

Tranquil seas, glass-like rivers;
The ocean, too, bright and blue, invites them in to watch below,
And they believe that if they see, they then know.


Shadows crawl along the crimson tide,
As clouds float amid the dimming sky,
Fear asks them to wonder, why?

What’s below the blackening blue?
Will the purple murkiness sweep them away,
Compelling them to return another day?

How quickly light turns to night,
And fantastical visions burn their thoughts;
They imagine dangers of what they cannot see,
Propelling them to accept the doubts.


Though aware darkness of night belies light of day,
And with all they’ve learned about the sea,
They wonder what cannot be.

For all those who only skim the surface,
For fear what lies below the black will harm and scar,
The fallacy will fester and bring them down,
To swirling eddies where they’ll drown.

Wendy Shreve

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