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Daily Archives: October 15, 2013

There’s this girl. – Promote Yourself


There’s this girl,
She has a dimple in her smile.
There’s this girl,
I’ve known her from a while.

She wears this stupid look,
She has a cute nose.
Have you seen those models?
She looks like one of those.

I could drown in her eyes,
Again and again.
She asks me what am I looking at?
And I can never explain.

There’s this girl,
She keeps coming in my dreams.
There’s this girl,

I have fallen for her it seems.Hi. My name is Jidvish, I am an Indian and I live in Mumbai. I came across your blog, and absolutely loved the idea. Kudos to you for that. Anyways, here is the poem I would like to submit.

My name is Jidvish but I also go by the name JD, it’s simpler. And my blog link is

Witchcraft & vampire ; Wizardry – Promote Yourself

whitch craft9999999

Dead; my beloved is magical

let her rest in peace

for my mistress has gone-

into a deep-deep sleep

falling into a wicked realm of calm

unlike the panic and distress-

of when things go wrong

and with the swift swing of a wand

all is good and all is well

witchcraft and wizardry spells

and all is forgotten in the mind of my beau

poor little lovely thing boiling in a stew


We all know the familiar face of death
Darkly hooded skull and scythe in hand
Reap your soul and deliver your spirit
But unseen is the one in direct command
The keeper of man kinds lifeblood clock
Inescapable certainty of our journeys end
Watcher of the ages as they slowly pass
Her devoted collector she will surely send,
And so from dawn of life to end of days
Forever and always she is at his side
Warily surveying sands through the hourglass
Fates true decider, Time is Death’s Bride
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