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Daily Archives: October 22, 2013

The Pardon – Promote Yourself


My dog lay dead five days without a grave
In the thick of summer, hid in a clump of pine
And a jungle of grass and honeysuckle-vine.
I who had loved him while he kept alive

Went only close enough to where he was
To sniff the heavy honeysuckle-smell
Twined with another odor heavier still
And hear the flies’ intolerable buzz.

Well, I was ten and very much afraid.
In my kind world the dead were out of range
And I could not forgive the sad or strange
In beast or man. My father took the spade

And buried him. Last night I saw the grass
Slowly divide (it was the same scene
But now it glowed a fierce and mortal green)
And saw the dog emerging. I confess

I felt afraid again, but still he came
In the carnal sun, clothed in a hymn of flies,
And death was breeding in his lively eyes.
I started in to cry and call his name,

Asking forgiveness of his tongueless head.
. . . I dreamt the past was never past redeeming:
But whether this was false or honest dreaming
I beg death’s pardon now. And mourn the dead.

Richard Wilbur

Forever and Always – Promote Yourself


Love, you captivate my thoughts.

You possess my beating heart.

No matter what, I’ll love you…

Till death set us apart.


I will love you when your door is open,

On your best of days.

And I’ll love you when your door is slammed,

Right before my face.


My worthless soul is chained to you,

You own every part of me.

And if you find someone else,

I’ll be waiting right here patiently.


Whether you like it, or whether you don’t,

I’ll be here forever and always.

You can hurt me all you want,

But my affection won’t be fazed.


No harsh words can change my love,

For it has made me deaf.

I shall remain faithful,

Even though you left.


I hope that you are happy,

And she treats you like a king.

I hope she cares for your every need,

And succeeds your wildest dreams.


But if she treats you badly,

Please do not let her stay….

You deserve the finest,

No matter what they say.


Love, you captivate my thoughts.

You posses my beating heart.

No matter what, I’ll love you…

Till death set us apart.


© 2013, Riley Willson

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What I’ve become – Promote Yourself



It’s easy to see why the women you’ve become
seems too much
when you’ve been through so much
Seldom sit with “content”
but in this overview all i can say is “What If”
my prowess would not be sufficient enough
but then again “what if”
Coy side would stop me short of
what could, something that i never understood
me being me is very complex
when it should be an easy role
Why long to be an audience
When you should always strive to be the main act
it’s ok if you stare long or look deep
because I’m me, i solicit all your needs
compassion attention; while giving you space when need be
Through your eyes while you speak
lost in all of what this life has made you see
but still intrigued on what could be part of me
May not beg for it
but i do long for it
teachings and blessing’s all of it
you inside of me
and me inside of you
lost in each others thoughts
with no monotony
just you having all of me
Back To feeling all alone
in the dark where its cold
on this stage
where i am enslaved
with the past deep down in a shallow grave
I have overcame
as Martin Luther king had to overcome
with no bullets and no guns
as my pen and paper moves like yarn being spun
I contemplate my beginnings and i come UNDONE
Who i am
is no different than what i’ve become
Lino Robles

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