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Daily Archives: November 21, 2013

Heavy – Promote Yourself


Your baggage is too heavy, if I told you I’d have to charge you overweight fees, you would take it personally.
I was never raised to be sensitive.
You complain about my detachment but I’m just doing what I’m the most comfortable with.
Spread your emotion like poison, but stronger, all you are doing is killing yourself with insecurity.

And you wanted me to love that about you.
I’ve told you for a while now that I’m incapable of loving anything.
You wanted to test that, like how a child finds a loophole, slick but obvious;
I warned you that I do not cave in, I am made of war stories that began in love.

I was born during peace time, but even I knew to avoid the land mines the best I knew how, and I knew how to sit before I could crawl.
That’s why I am sitting now, and you have the audacity to tell me it’s bothering you.
You will never survive trying to manipulate other people’s feelings.
You will step on all of their triggers and wonder why they all blow up on you.

This friendship is not toggle switch that fits in your back pocket.
There is a reason why I am either hot or cold, I am reflection of your own extremities;
Is that why you’re afraid to look in the mirror?

You’ve pushed me into bushes when an attractive man comes along,
Still wanted me to be there when whiskey-breath Marlboro man offers you his invitation.
You never understood how to say no to either.
I grew lonely of your fluctuations, I guess I can say that you taught me emotion.
I guess you can say that I taught you rejection, and I will leave your baggage at the door.

Bucket Manyweather

Does Dark Matter? – Promote Yourself


Does Dark Matter?

So if there was an explosion

What is the commotion

Does dark matter?

If it proves to be the latter

There may be some clearing up to do

I thought I was free

But I am not

Depraved followings

Can’t let me stop

Does dark matter?

All inane chatter

Foreboding about a hole in a hill

©John de Gruyther 2013

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