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Daily Archives: November 28, 2013


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This Gathering









I am grateful
To recall the memories
Children running through rooms
A gathering of family
Hopping over the ankles
Brushing shoulders
Quick smiles as we flit by each
Relative that stood in our way
I grew up believing the aroma
Baking, basting, tasting
Always a natural consequence
Of gathering loved ones
While the care in the kitchen
Symbolic of love and festivity
Would offer purpose to the
Acceptable gluttony of spirits
If I were to name you
I’d feel compelled to recall
Everyone that touched me
When gathering I had no clue
How your love would remain
Close to my heart today
On this morning when I ready
My family to celebrate together
I believe then I am wondering
How to include everyone
My memories are vivid
Always a gathering with effort
To recognize each individual
Belonging together in heart and soul
Without exclusion on this day
An occasional stranger appeared … love
When I celebrate memory
I feel certain emptiness stir
Becomes an anxiety I fear
A gathering of lonely and heartsick
Souls wishing for a warm fire
A soft blanket to shelter exposure
I will pray for them in my own way
That peace in God’s eyes may occur
Glance outside and the sunlight’s beauty
Lights a blessed gathering of souls today

Thom Amundsen

MAGIC LOST – Promote Yourself







A watercolor sunset that leaves pixels, prisms of color in the mind,
Luminous green giants, waves lifting after a winter tempest,
Spider-like branches reaching for the sun, roots creaking and twined;
Softened shells and eroded rocks, sandy granules without rest.

Comforting darkness; noiseless, interrupted only by coyotes’ baying,
Avian darters drifting with the spiraling wind, displaying their own story,
Hermit crabs struggling to climb lofty mountains, etched walls awash and decaying,
Silken, black or gray companions, popping up and down amidst the sea in days of glory.

Faces, newly-shapened or rutted with wrinkles, sharing smiles with surprise,
Wind-thrown hair atop rattled figures, pushing their way toward the spit,
Awakened love bringing cherished hopes, laughing with wonder and reprise,
Hands, bodies clenched in simple pleasure, making light of daily flits.

Then, wrapped in winter’s cellophane, we hide away; seek to stay;
Wonders and smiles that nature brings are tempered ‘til Spring;
Living portraits now muted cacophonies, humans; animals resist the day,
And kindled love connected to future promise, lies in embers; a broken string.

Wendy Shreve

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