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Daily Archives: November 30, 2013

The New Town Square – Promote Yourself

              250px-Accra_montage                      I sought information

And the world’s intention

I sought the latest news

Our nation’s direction and people’s views


My birthday approached

One day prior and the matter was never broached

The day arrived, and neither a text nor a call

Instead a flood of generic messages on my Facebook wall


I bought my new bracelet

Already a friend abroad had gotten wind of it

Inquired why I’d buy such a hideous ornament

Her voice dripping with heavy judgement


Brokenhearted lady shared her plight on her Twitter feed

Seeking solace, consolation at 4G speed?

She got insults and a skim of condolences

Guess we all see life through different lenses


Showing the cash, flaunting the new missus

He also posted to keep up appearances

Albeit on the inside he withered slowly

No substance and thinking of himself lowly


A lovely day but I hear ranting

Violent opinions and pointless raving

Each wanting his voice to be heard

To scribe his viewpoint, no matter how absurd


Welcome to the marketplace of the digital age

Where we all commune on the virtual page

Chatting heartily and laying our souls bare

Hate it or love it, it’s the new town square

Setor Dzisenu

                                                                                         Accra, Ghana

I’m Still Chasing Ghosts – Promote Yourself


I’m still chasing ghosts –
Perhaps in fear.
Perhaps in love.
Perhaps in loathing.
I’m still searching,
Though I don’t know what I’ve lost,
Or what I yearn to find –
Though I’ve long been petrified by the glare of phantoms.

I’d rather be guided by these demons
Than wander alone.
I’d rather be preyed upon by illusions
Than strive for the nihilism of truth.
I’d rather succumb to this affliction
Than hope for the frailty of a cure.

I’d rather burn
Than wade into these tides,
Only to be assailed
And cast back to the shore.

I am incarcerated in twilight,
And bound in flame.

Luke Dukinfield

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