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Daily Archives: December 5, 2013


Mermaid – Promote Yourself


A flash of pearlescent blush
Shimmering just below the becalmed surface.
A brush of silken sandpaper
Against the exposed skin of my leg;
An electric eels love touch.
Then, nothing, a still as if the world paused.
The ocean lay millpond before me.
I scanned the water, as I struggled to stay afloat.
It was not panic, more suspense,
As the water lifted before me and
Water like oil in a slick, oozed over human form.
Skin of purest aquamarine, glinted in the sun.
Hair of seaweed, emerald of hue,
Cascaded about an elfin face.
And her eyes! What can I say?
If the bounties of the ocean were to meld
Into two shining pools of coral wonder
It would still never describe the flickering
Marvel of those transparent orbs.
She smiled, as her perfect body lifted from the sea,
Seashell teeth glinting a welcome.
The missing jewel from Neptune’s crown appeared before me.
My heart melted into the ocean;
I was hers for all eternity.
She put a lightly scaled finger to her mouth
And shushed my writhing form.
Then, she enveloped me gently in her arms,
And dragged me intoxicated to my doom.

Richard Ankers

‘Artists Dilemma’ – Promote Yourself

Hi, I would love to promote myself on your site. My name is Clyde Aidoo, originally from Chicago, IL and now residing in Las Vegas, NV. I have three poetry books out, all under the Art of Mind series umbrella: Art of Mind I, II, and III. If you’re open to it, and I have the option, I’d love to continue to advertise poems on your page, perhaps 1-2 poems every week? Most of which from my series, but I’d also love to add never-released poems as well.


*Artist’s Dilemma*

This “common artist” is about to ascend
Ten Stories High —

Don’t look now.

Now I’ve reached a place where I’m afraid to fall —

Don’t look down.

My art has taken control,
It uplifts me high with an exhilarating view —
But I am afraid that if I choose to let go —
That I’ll end up becoming
Just like you.

Do I continue to rise
Come back down to earth?

Should I remain alone with only art as my companion?
Or do I release and return to join the rest of you?
I am so high
on Fumes.
Still —
This remains a terrifying view.

Painted by Chet Davis

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Christmas Gifts


Christmas greetings to everyone,

These gifts we bring are new,

For they come from the spirit world,

We wish to give them to you.

Our first gift is of happiness,

To bring laughter to those in need,

To fill their hearts with gladness,

We plant a joyous seed.

Our second gift is for thoughts,

To send to those alone,

To those who have no family,

To those who have no home.

Our third gift is of understanding,

For those of different faiths,

To tolerate your fellow-man,

No matter what colour or race.

Our fourth gift is of peace,

To place into the hearts of men,

To cease all the turmoil,

Never to war again.

Our final gift is from your loved ones,

Who have just come to say?

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

On this your special day.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

Baby Jesus by Abbe Cutforth

Santa’s Christmas eve

Fluttering flurries of snowflakes

Soon fell on Christmas Eve

And from their warm bedroom windows

 Children could now believe

Santa would fly with his reindeer

Stopping at each chimney stack

whilst they soundly were sleeping 

 He’d choose the gifts from his sack

down the chimney he’ll clamber

Leaving his gifts by the bed

 Some children later would say that 

 saw him all dressed in red

 Grown-ups will know this can’t happen

Fairy dust keeps them asleep

 His magic would soon be broken

If they all took a peep

So children be very good now

Be glad that old Santa came

 A Christmas Eve without Santa

 surely not be the same

 Don Holmes


The night before Christmas


It was the night before Christmas

Snow was on the ground

Mum and Dad had gone out

There was only me and Gran in the house

She told me to be good as Santa is around

But when Gran left the bedroom

To the window I rushed,

In the distance a bright light I saw

I was so excited this could be Santa Claus!

Coming to my house

I’ll jump into bed

Bury my head,

Pretend I am asleep,

In the middle of the night

I heard a bang and a creak

I think Santa is back,

The bedroom door flew open

Santa stood there all covered in soot

Holding the largest Santa sack,

He shuffled back out the door

He left presents galore

Scattered all over the floor,

He did not expect to see me

Waiting for him,

Will I still get my Christmas treats?

Will Santa still have his midnight feast

His mince pie and sherry delight?

Thomas Sims

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