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Mermaid – Promote Yourself


A flash of pearlescent blush
Shimmering just below the becalmed surface.
A brush of silken sandpaper
Against the exposed skin of my leg;
An electric eels love touch.
Then, nothing, a still as if the world paused.
The ocean lay millpond before me.
I scanned the water, as I struggled to stay afloat.
It was not panic, more suspense,
As the water lifted before me and
Water like oil in a slick, oozed over human form.
Skin of purest aquamarine, glinted in the sun.
Hair of seaweed, emerald of hue,
Cascaded about an elfin face.
And her eyes! What can I say?
If the bounties of the ocean were to meld
Into two shining pools of coral wonder
It would still never describe the flickering
Marvel of those transparent orbs.
She smiled, as her perfect body lifted from the sea,
Seashell teeth glinting a welcome.
The missing jewel from Neptune’s crown appeared before me.
My heart melted into the ocean;
I was hers for all eternity.
She put a lightly scaled finger to her mouth
And shushed my writhing form.
Then, she enveloped me gently in her arms,
And dragged me intoxicated to my doom.

Richard Ankers

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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