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Daily Archives: December 9, 2013

Lady of the Night – Promote Yourself








I have loved thee longer than thou dost know
Slept in thy caressing comfort and care
Touched thy smooth skin warm aglow,
Oh hair like sweet summer air!
Yet thou know-est not I breathe
And I know-est not who thou art
Thou must soon intercede
And draw all venom from this heart
Oh come thou lady of the night
And kiss away each fret of pain!
Ease my nervous, clear my sight
Draw it from the deepest vein
Oh thou angel from God’s great bliss!
I know thy sweet and honeyed taste
Yet, I know not how I resist
Come now with all great haste!

Thou art the night’s joyful sprite,
The reason I would sooner strive to sleep
And ne’er long for the morning’s light
As pain passes from each vein deep.
Yet, thou make the merry morn!
Thy smile and comfort beam
Brighter than some sun forlorn
In its darkened, blackened scream.
Yea, it contends with thy radiance
And pours forth its pompous light
But it ne’er shall touch thy brilliance
Thou angel of day and night!
Let woods and hills hide our flight
Let the larks all play their part
Yet none shall rival thy delight
None dare oppose thy art.

S.S.Bartlett,( Sri Lanka)

GIVING SPIRIT – Promote Yourself


Glittering fairy lights; red holly berries,
Pine trees and Jingle Bells,
Songs rejoicing days of merry,
Presents wrapped, with all wishing well.

Strands connected one by one,
Ornaments spread throughout the tree,
Laughter and cheer when dinner is done,
Family celebrating, not “Me,” but “We.”

Years pass; children grow,
Tangled lives that strain connections,
Parents gone with mistletoe,
Hearth-lit fires and confections.

Yet even when alone for Christmas,
When gifts and visitors are few,
Give thanks for all that nature brings us,
Then joy will always be with you.

Wendy Shreve

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