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Daily Archives: December 15, 2013

Poetree Creations Extravaganza 2012



candle vic








I see nothing but your glowing face,
Across our decorated dinner table,
Under a moonless starlit sky,
In the backyard of our ancient house.

In that pitch darkness,
Comes a star falling,
As if to see you, celestial,
Dining with a mortal.

The rain comes down
To gives us a fleeting visit,
Bringing with it the smell
Of wet mud and wet hair.

The wind whispers the most
Private of secrets from your heart
Secrets I already know
And secrets you’d want me to.

As you tuck your hair behind your ears,
Your eyes call out to me silently
While the farm horse surrenders to sleep,
I blow the last candle off.

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Poetree creations Christmas poetry video

My Christmas Wish to Santa – Promote Yourself









Dear Santa,
As softly falling lace shaped flakes,
soundlessly cover the ground with white,
The world becomes blanketed in silence,
making all things impossible appear possible.
Staring out through a flurry of snowflakes,
mentally I check off, my life’s blessings.
Family, friends, warm place upon which to lay my head,
one wish, one desire consumes my mind.
Should THIS wish come true, life would be complete,
have purpose, meaning for me.
Santa, should you peruse this poem,
know it isn’t riches or material things requested of you.
My Christmas wish, is to become bestowed with a lifelong role;
of motherhood; which has eluded me this year.
This is my desire to fulfill for Christmas,
as the cold geometrical flakes descend upon me.
The season of Christmas sparks magic in the air,
creating unbelievable miracles for all.
Requiring a minuscule amount;
of Christmas magic bestowed on me, I hope with open heart and mind.
Believing in the wonder of what may be,
we are destined for amazing things.
If granted this wish; this magnificent chance;
to mold another’s life, to make a difference in the world,
Then my Christmas wish will become reality.
Eternally grateful I remain,
forever a believer of good things to come!

By: Jennifer L Roche

Christmas eve



All was quite on Christmas Eve

Not a sound could be heard

For I was waiting for Santa

In the silence something stirred


I heard the sound of tinkling bells

Echoing through the night

Could this be Santa Clause?

On his sleigh all bathed in light


O please Santa don’t forget me

For I have been good and true

O Santa please don’t let me down

I would like something special from you


Instead of bringing me presents

I ask nothing at all for me

Just wrap all the spirit of Christmas

And deliver it for all to see


The spirit of Christmas is magical

Lets touch those in need

Let it touch those that are starving

Giving nourishment for all to feed


Let it comfort the lost and lonely

And to all those and their own

Bring the spirit of Christmas

As they sit alone at home


Bring laughter back into this world

Let it lift up and sustain

Shower it down on those that suffer

To bring peace into their life again


As the tinkling bells drew nearer

I hoped Santa heard my plea

That all my prayers would be answered

And the presents he’d leave for me



Malcolm G Bradshaw



Please can you help

Santa’s lost his reindeer

He does not know where to look

He’s even looked up the chimney

And then got covered in soot

So if you have seen his reindeer

Just give him a call

On Lapland 23234

Or go to Santa’s grotto

And knock upon his door

So please help poor Santa

So if you have seen Santa’s reindeer

Just give him a call

On Lapland 23234

By Thomas Sims

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