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Daily Archives: December 20, 2013

Countdown to christmas


The snow is glistening brightly under the winter morning sun;

The countdown to Christmas has finally begun


But Christmas isn’t about presents,

It’s about having the people you love close and near;

For some people Christmas time is hard, as for them it’s the loneliest time of the year


So this Christmas when you are sitting around smiling, please spare a thought for the homeless man who will spend this holiday season on the street;

We may all be hoping for things we don’t really need, whilst others are wishing they just had new shoes on their feet


Some people will be missing their loved ones this Christmas,

And some people will see their tears falling with the snow;

I try to imagine our lost loved ones are the angel on top of my tree, and their love will follow us wherever we go


Some families will be split apart this Christmas, as thousands of parents are away fighting in a war, and all they will have is 5 minutes on a phone;

Their children have to become soldiers, and the only present they will ask for is their Daddy to come home


Some people will be alone this Christmas, and each one of them will be wishing they had a family to hug up to around a tree;

You may wonder how I know all this, well because a few years ago that person feeling alone was me


So this Christmas try to remember those of us who will still feel the cold under the winter sun;

The snow has started to fall, which means the countdown to Christmas has begun.




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