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Daily Archives: December 28, 2013

Pains of the Young: One in Five


Pains of the Young: One in Five
One in five, one in five,
Has considered suicide.
Twenty percent, how many’s that?
A thousand? Ten? More?! Drat…
One in twelve inflicts self harms;
How many scars on many arms?
How many bruise? How many bleed?
One in ten abusing weed,
One in six abusing drink,
It makes you stop, stop and think,
What makes the young hurt so much?
Why do they hate themselves as such?
Life? Love? The world’s dark horses?
Expectations so-ci-ety enforces?
Expectations, yes. Expectations, no!
Expectations of parent, peer and foe,
Ex-pec-tation of ourselves,
Deep in to our souls it delves.
Expectations, wants, needs, desires,
Set alight our inward fires.

Mental illness? One in two,
Which one is it? Me or you?
Lucky you! It is me,
Bi-polar since I was one, three,
Bi-polar, going up and down,
In school I tried to be class clown,
Getting laughs to stop the tears,
I took pills to quell my fears,
I took pills and went to sleep,
Spiraled into sleep so deep,
I thank God that I climbed out,
I now love life, without a doubt.

It all comes back to one in five,
How many of them still alive?
And of those, how many live?
There’s a speech that Wilde would give,
On how they merely just exist,
Scared of life- you get the gist.
What can we do turn the tide,
We cannot turn and run, and hide,
The time is now to take a stand,
And reach out a helping hand,
To pull them out of their dark places,
Their scars will fade and become traces,
Traces of troubling, troubling times,
Reminders repressing future crimes,
Crimes against themselves, their lives,
One in five, one in five.

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Kind Regards,
Paul Roche
Poet, Novelist and Children’s Story Writer
Dublin, Ireland

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