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Daily Archives: January 1, 2014

Every Ending Brings A Renewed Beginning – Promote Yourself




The year’s shell sheds, midnight nears,
preparation of time’s metamorphosis begins.
Knowing soon, reign shall cease,
packing away memories gathered, reliving them privately in peace.
Reminders of joy, laughter, and glee,
remnants of melancholic sadness linger behind.
Glancing towards the clock, awaiting time’s passage,
sighing wistfully, over inevitable change.
Midnight chimes, a door swings open,
momentarily blinding the concluding year.
Filling the doorway, bright like a shiny new penny,
stands the New Year, come to claim its rightful place.
Prior year stares enviously, taking in the unmarred, untainted beauty before it.
Positivity,optimism, glowing from New Year’s core,
beacon of light, cutting through the darkness.
Cordially, like passing ships, each acknowledges the other,
passing the torch, abdicating the yearly throne, to end 2013.
2014 unpacks its baggage, preparing for a year-long stay.
Silently the previous year departs without another word,
the world begins anew, fresh captain at its helm.

 Jennifer L. Roche

Try As We May



We are one

In each opportunity

Life ahead

Is a situational release

A declaration of unique testament

Outside the lithograph

That medium’s design emotive

Of our responsibility

Glance across the room

Conversations continue casual

While sunlight piques in afterglow

Questions arise of

Karma – regret, delight – response

A new design of willing restoration



We interact

As active participants

A freedom moment

Ordinary reactions

Howsoever the truth decides

Our plan forward; future

Fortune creates commentary

Now we will reflect past motives

While through this space

Our action is a constant happening

Life might reveal an eternal


Prepare our positive peace

Upon our human soul


We recognize now that next year is on the floor

Proceed sweet with that love we made known before!

Thom Amundsen 2013



I see nothing but your glowing face,
Across our decorated dinner table,
Under a moonless starlit sky,
In the backyard of our ancient house.

In that pitch darkness,
Comes a star falling,
As if to see you, celestial,
Dining with a mortal.

The rain comes down
To gives us a fleeting visit,
Bringing with it the smell
Of wet mud and wet hair.

The wind whispers the most
Private of secrets from your heart
Secrets I already know
And secrets you’d want me to.

As you tuck your hair behind your ears,
Your eyes call out to me silently
While the farm horse surrenders to sleep,
I blow the last candle off.

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