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Daily Archives: January 4, 2014

Waiting Princess – Promote Yourself

(Imagine a Princess, an extremely beautiful one, waiting at the balcony of her palace in the early hours of the day)


The king sits on his giant throne,

Not knowing you’ll come for me

Through the deadly desert all alone,

Past the fields and the lonely tree.


I hope you arrive before the break of day

To take me out of the palace unseen

By the guards till we are farther away

In the lands where few have ever been.


The doves flap the air aloud,

And come racing down the street

To land on the garden around

The pond that drowns all desert heat.


The sky tells me you are on the way

Halting once near the frozen lake

Since that’s where we usually stay

And till dark midnight lay awake.


Oh Praise Dear Santa! Praise the Lord!

I hear the wedding bells ring in merry

When in comes Daisy panting hard

To tell me about the news in a hurry.


“The King is preparing, my Princess!

And I reckon your love was spotted”

The Princess’ heart broke into pieces

As she fell to the ground and fainted


(Her love is a farmer by profession. Imagine accordingly)


By then her love was at the fields

Following her familiar scent southward

With a winning will that never yields

And true love that only draws forward


He could hear a faint flute sing

A melancholic tune never heard

When he knelt to pick a golden ring

Shiny, soft and stunningly weird


He marched the final miles tired,

Exhausted by the steep rocky slope

Mounted on a horse he’d hired

To be caught by the soldiers’ troupe


The Princess wet her father’s feet

With tears till her eyes went red

The King could only hear the beat

Of war drums, for the captive had fled


I’m R. Gowtham, a hobby-blogging Indian. I blog at

Suggestions and criticism will be accepted and appreciated.

My Time – Promote Yourself







My Time
That moment
That time in life
Where time is life
That unique time
Where there’s too much time
Or not enough things to fill it.

That time
When you have all the time in the world
And all that time’s for keeps
That bit of time before it’s no longer yours
Before your time is theirs…

That special time
A treasured time
A time filled with possibilities

A time when you don’t keep time
Because at that time
It’s time
To say this time’s mine
This is my time.

Jade Anouka (UK)

twitter: @JadeAnouka

The Inner Fire – Promote Yourself



The inner face of life sinister,
The surface sweet minister.
Destroy the evil face down,
Rise your destiny’s crown.
Desire what you desire,
Let your inner man fire.
Dark fears light, disappears.
Let the fire ash the blackness.

 Robert Ahanes
Country: Iran
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