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Daily Archives: January 6, 2014

The Meaning Of Motivation Changed – Promote Yourself


Self  desire for actuation, some valid motivation

Lift up the soul enervated, with a new cognition


By the moment I complain of heartache unbearable

A person gets back his life, when heart beats go stable

Survival from a heart operation, his contentment grow

The meaning of “Pain” clarifies itself into a sacred vow


By the moment I blubber missing my Love forsaken

An infant cries for the lap of his  Mother forever taken

Craving for his Mother’s touch, his hollowness grow

The meaning of “urge” bounds itself into a sacred vow


By the time I sob encountering nights sorrowful, sleepless

A person couldn’t sleep of his hunger growing limitless

In the need of food, His chastity of gratitude grow

The meaning of “want” enslaves itself into a sacred vow


By the moment I refuse to see the hope of future bright

Optimistic dreams are seen by a person with no eyes

Wishing for a better life, His frenzy eagerness grow

The meaning of “hope” confines itself into a sacred vow


By the moment I refuse to thank, by the time I do complaint

The poor,The orphan,The needy ,The injured and the quaint

Satisfy themselves for what they have, as the life grow

The meaning of “Life” envisages itself into a sacred vow


Desire is the key to motivation,a changed definition

A pinch of enthusiasm, A heap of determination !


By: Lala Rukh


Forget – Promote Yourself




Your legs turn to liquid
Feet weigh a tonne
There’s a firework show in your belly.

Your hands turn to stumps
Eyes sting from the light
And elephants dance on your forehead.

The drugs are next door
The water’s much further
But you attempt and your brought to the floor.

The world just went dark
There’s a bump on your head
Yet you get up an attempt the next step.

A loud noise is heard
Something has fallen
You open your eyes and realise that it’s you.

You’re tired exhausted
More than ever before
And decide that it’s now time to rest.

So you let your lids close
You relax every muscle
And forget to take your last breath.

Jade Anouka (UK)

twitter: @JadeAnouka

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