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Daily Archives: January 10, 2014




He is aware of your individual problems

He knows the heart of each individual race

He knows the struggles and difficulties

That all of you have to face


The stones that now cut your feet

As you tread the path of light

Were the stones that He trod?

As He fought for what was right


He comes to raise you from confusion

Let the spirit enter the temple of prayer

To be in unison with all brethren

Allow His energy to surround everywhere


O gracious Spirit we pray to be attuned to your power

Humbly giving thanks to those we cherish

We ask that the light of God

Comfort all those souls that perish


The key that unlocks the door to heavenly mysteries

Lies not in mans mind but in his light

Truth is simple it is hidden from powerful intellects

But it is revealed to those with spiritual sight


The greatest mind is ever humble

You will find it in those that are wise

Humility is indeed the most important virtue

This allows you all to see through God’s eyes


You are living in an age of knowledge

And the mysteries of heaven will unfold

For he will empower his followers

And permit His stories to be told


So to all those that are still searching

Not sure were you should start

Just ask for His love to enter

Your mind, your spirit, and your heart

Malcolm Bradshaw
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