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Daily Archives: January 13, 2014

The Messenger of Poetry – Promote Your self


As I sit meditating softly
In a cold dark night in my room
A light steal through quietly
In the mind lay at rest

A messenger gave me a fine wine
Brewed from the finest vine
To satisfy my love and taste
For Poetry within the humus heart

My mind as a fertile ground
Was given the beans of poetry
To grow within the spaces
For the world to taste its fruits

Immediately I grab my writing tools
Tore some pages and sketch through
In honor of this great messenger
Going about in the sharing of this gifts

I ascribe a name to him amidst
The wonders of the night
Gabriel I refer to him
For the speed at which he permeates

His back I saw as he hurried across
To give fellow minded poet
What to ruminate on for the night
As we pass this gifts to the world

As I peep out through my window
I saw him deliver this great gift
To my wonderful friend next door
Who is fast in his sleep

I thought within myself
The gentleman must be in the
Dream land of an awesome
Night of poetry

As I ponder on heavily
On the beauty of the night
Bestowed on humanity
From the showers from above
I give special gratitude to the
Messenger of this package
And sing praises to the maker himself

And so I ask  you

Did you see the angel of POETRY last night???


Hi! My name is Ogundele Michael, I write from Lagos, Nigeria. I blog at

Thanks for giving me this platform to share a piece of my work. Real glad. Cheers

Who am I?


Who am I

They say I was a local hero

A local businessman Mr P.E.Clay

Presented me to this fair city

On a hot July day

In 1952

So who am I?

I have stood on the same spot

For the last sixty years

People come and look around

They Stand real close

And they mimic my pose,

So who am I?

I am made of Bronze

I stand seven feet tall.

Made of eight little bits

Only half inch thick,

I weigh half a ton

But vandals keep stealing bits Of me

So who am I?

I have taken from the rich

And given to the poor,

I am a local Nottingham hero

Who the people just adore,

So who am I?

Some say I am bad,some say I am good,

So come to Nottingham Castle

Because my name is Robin Hood

20130628_124010 (1)

By Thomas Sims

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