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Daily Archives: January 15, 2014

Where has our silence gone to – Promote Yourself



As I meditate slowly
After a thick day with
Blast from cars and cry from the heavy
Music from loudspeaker
I wonder deep within
In the shade of my room
Whether man can survive a day
Without noise on planet earth
The Flowers I walked with on
My way home testified to the
Huge accommodation of heavy
Volume of Sound that filled our streets
This has begin to creep itself
Even in our places of worship
People now find it hard to sit still and
direct thoughts to flow as an incense
This has crippled the river
To fly with its usual wings
And the bird refuse to flow
In its proper direction
Our gadgets need to be kept
Out of sight for centuries
In the moment of a day to meditate
Deeply on the value of silence
Nature speaks in silence
The beauty of many whisper in silence
Trees give us the fruits we enjoy
In the beauty of silence
And the sun refreshes us in silence
As I ponder heavily on this
Thoughts rumble deep within
On the meaning of silence
And why its hard to find in
The present times we live in
Except in secluded places
Or in the deserts beyond
And I then I ask myself again
Where has our Silence gone to???

Michael Ogundele


Hi! This is Michael Ogundele writing from Lagos, Nigeria. glad for this platform. i blog at thanks again.

PENELOPIAD – Promote Yourself



He did everything for me, my brother and sis

Just chatting and watching football is what I really miss

So many great things to get his kicks

Such a fun guy always taking the mick,

He built his business up from scratch

No other man could ever match

His passion for life and love for us,

The love for my mum was so so much

But the day I was told I found it tough

I’ll be gone soon pretty strong stuff,

Too much too young but that is life

I’ll miss you dad until the end of time

 Christopher Woolvett


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