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Daily Archives: January 16, 2014

“Craved Disaster” Promote Yourself

pot hole

I am
A pothole
In a freshly paved government paid road
I am stretched for miles
My flesh furrowed in finding what the world deems as fun
My spiritual being is so done –
I’m not of this world, I just inhabit it for now.
Now, I
Struggle with the seducing music of this place
That claws at my body, attempting to tamper with my mind to find
A technique that imparts what I need is not You, but
The pleasure of right now
I’m in this hypocritical land
Where I stand
Is their issue
They encourage to embrace who you are just to push you away
Ostracizing you for not being like them 
For not wanting to live or think like them
I am a telescope
Visualizing the ink blank canvas of a sky 
With the stars that twinkle and shine bright like a…
Entrancing us to idolize them
But Jesus, be my very own moon
Be the North star, that when I look up,
I see You illuminating the utmost
On high, is where I lift your name
No chants and the raising of my hands for these mere luminous points
Chisel me, Stonemason,
To be a ruby, an emerald, a diamond
Amongst these other stones
I am beggar
With Your outstretched arms, drop Your change in me
I don’t want to fiend
Itching on these cracked sidewalks
Boxed into what society says is a necessity
The money, the fame, the cars, the clothes
Yeah, you know
Don’t come to me
Expecting me
To drink your poison
The only way I’ll go hard is if I’m down with Christ
The One who came to pay the ultimate price for my sins, your sins, our sin
Is our struggle
It’s so hard wanting to do right
When all these people are glorified for doing everything wrong
My Hero, come forth
You whirlwind, turn Your creation rightside up
My cyclone, spin me around and around until I’m dizzy with admiration
I’m in sync when I’m with you, out of sync when I’m without you
Placed in this place of confusion
Hurricane levitating me with the abundance of Your love
Click my heels, I
Wish I were home
Dora – thy
Map out my peace in this coalition of evil and insanity
Annihilate me, commander-in-chief –
Jesus, I want to perform my
Call. Of. Duty
Turn my world 360
I’m your controller, steer me to where You want me to go
Simon says,
I. will follow. You
Not the customs of this treacherous globe
Come to my rescue
You are Super, man…
Hide me in your jealous arms, in Your bountiful cape
For I am an old soul in a dying world
And, we all need rescuing
Instill in me the need
To do right
Your angle is and has always been obtuse
Too complex for my mind to grasp
Bar me
From what separates me from our relationship’s blossom
Buttercup, I need Your Power’s
Your grace is so sufficient for me
I am
Your child
Let the river of your merciful blood
Meet the salty tears of my impurities, of my iniquities and make me


Tarah Saint-Elien

 First, let me just say how grateful I am to have a platform to spread my poetry, so thank you so much! Here’s a piece by me. It’s also on YouTube as a spoken word:

FROM THE BOTTOM UP – Promote Yourself







Roots embedded in the ground,
Pulling and pushing in every direction;
Yet even a raging nor’easter cannot
Uplift or tear these tendrils from the soil.

Ridges along the bark rising toward the canopy,
Each a memory: sometimes nicked, sometimes untouched;
Inside, concentric rings reveal the years but not the truth;
Skin rugged when peeled left vulnerable, exposed.

As a sentence map, diagrammed: branches seemingly haphazard,
But each off-shoot shares a purpose to capture the light.
And in turn, the yellow orb provides nourishment,
Through the green-veined leaves.
Nature’s juice which travels a webbed network.

For like the oak tree, you rise from grounded roots,
But bend with the wind.
You are weathered, show signs of punishment;
Still you stand.

Arms; legs round and muscled reach for the sky, gather strength,
As your trunk holds despite setbacks, exposed truths;
Blood surges along labyrinthine veins, feeding your body,
While hardened memories softened by your inner nature,
Are fed by earth-bound senses and love’s light.

Wendy Shreve

Why do we have to Suffer – Promote Yourself


As I drag myself to my
Soft bed after an hectic day
To have a little rest
Before anything set in Motion

All of a sudden
I hear a Certain knock
On my phone
Which felt something sad in its feel

After the Mixture of Sand and Water
It occurred that the Hen has
Lost all her chicken in a
Ghastly accident with the Cock

My Voice dries out
And blood drips from my skin
My Saliva ran to my anus
And My excreta graveled my Mouth

I stutter at every coins I toss
And river could no longer
Find its proper course
For it has been folded deep within

All my little cry could summon
At such tragic loss
Was lost in the desert
Among the heaviness of the Sands

As the call was terminated
I could still hear the rings in my head
The Sobs choke my heart
And My head bend beneath the hurt

As I ponder heavily
Thoughts ramble deep within

And then I ask myself
Under the heavy blow
Why do we have to suffer
Why we do have to loss someone
In such an honorable way
Why do we have to shed
Tears in the Springs

The why seems endless at this point

But then again
My Beliefs in the resurrection
And the redemptive suffering
Kept a little spark of hope
That all may seems lost here on earth
And no explanation may seem
To settle the puzzle
But all is not really lost at the end

As my thoughts lingers away
On how to summon the grieving heart

I ask again

Why do we have to suffer???

Michael Ogundele

Hi! I write from Lagos, Nigeria. I blog at Would be glad if you can pass by. Thanks for this platform.

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