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Daily Archives: January 17, 2014

“THE FORGE” – Promote Yourself







Heat surrounds me as I walk between the Anvil and the Hammer.
I am smelted, molten iron waiting to be formed and reformed,
quenched under cold water, hardened again and again until
firm and strong…
…just a little flexible, ensuring me to become unbreakable.

I turn around, looking, watching, searching
for the Armorer, the Forge-master, the Liberator
The Commander of these flames
(building to higher intensity—higher Stability)

I am shaped again, between the Anvil and the Hammer…
stronger, as this new molten alloy is injected in my veins.
I am liquid glowing steel shaped anew
hammered, beaten, brought to the barrel until the edge is clean and razor sharp…
…Made flexible again…made unbreakable once more
Stronger in this 2nd life, this 2nd cycle…twice-born to learn, to evolve, to lead
and become more than I was and more than I could be

The fire burns higher and hotter, flames tonguing my female flesh,
lapping at my neck and cheeks and lips
entering through my breath and mingling with my Earthly form.

…And I become the Armorer, the Forge-master, the Commander of these fever flames

I am Steel, charged with cold fury, shaped to a seamless edge, power to slice

And here I take my leave and employ my Vengeance.

Blade in Body I stand to fight
Body in Blade I enter battle,
demanding the blood of my enemy, demanding victory
The enemy is on all sides and I am poised, ready
I am
I am my enemy

And the disease in my mind is ready to die.”

Lauryn Jean from U.S.–poet & writer, artist, musician, educator, aspiring herbalist, introvert, from sunny FL

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