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Daily Archives: January 27, 2014

Things I Must Remember – Promote Yourself







There are things I must remember- for instance, blue skies,

Make -for a thunderstorm- a spurious disguise.

They are cotton candy, barely sailing through the air,

And summer’s breath is soporific- “Calm down, not a care.”


And upside down umbrellas made for throwing off the rain,

Tipped and turned and most reluctant, gather it again,

So pay no mind to people who believe just what they see,

For they will sneer behind their hands and whisper “Irony.”


Learn silence from the autumn for she is a cunning thief,

Her quiet empire grows with every crimson-tinted leaf,

And always tread with caution when within the woods or wild,

Step not into fairy’s ring or toward a dryad’s child. 


I must remember broken sheds, abandoned and yet regal,

And trespassing – which would be dull- but that it is illegal,

I must remind myself that I am clever, not a fool,

And most of my kind trap ourselves while breaking simple rules.


Smiling at October pumpkins, swelling in the sun,

Green and orange and glistening when the heat of day is done,

Snatched-up words from conversations, running rampantly,

Phrases improvised and cobbled into poetry.


Yes, all these bits and bobs and patience,

Quotes a-taken, inspirations,

Musings, snoozings, and distempers-

These are things I must remember. 

by Lune Lenore Violette (copyright 2014)

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Thank you for considering my work

Hi, I’m Lune Lenore Violette. I live in the USA (New York City, to be more precise.) I’m a Christian aspiring author who loves books.

I’ve been writing poetry since elementary school where one of my first poems was called the Kindergarten Conqueror. It featured the immortal Kindergartenus Caesar, who stole the limelight with his expertise in babysitting. Nowadays I’m proud to be penning a variety of poetry on more sophisticated subjects, though I never say no to a little humor.

As well as poetry, I’ve also written several novels, the most recent of which are Arch Nemesis, a modern-day fantasy, and Confessions of a Teenage Jewel Thief, a crime thriller which is still under editing. I also hope to release my first poetry collection, titled Things I Must Remember for the poem below, this February!

Aside from writing I enjoy diving into a good book, watching musicals, working on set and costume designs, cosplaying, and fashion. In my spare time I watch far too much BBC Sherlock and eat far, far too much Nutella.

by Lune Lenore Violette (copyright 2014)
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