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Daily Archives: January 28, 2014

Loving You At All Costs – Promote Yourself



I awake with one thought in mind
is she ok & has she seen today’s sunrise
As I’ve awaken to this morning light
Text her good morning before i make a sound
next i stretch & yawn before i move around
as my phone beeps & i smile in hopes its you
Much in love i don’t have to think it through
cause every time i think about her its times two
i try not to overload her with what she already knew
yesterday thoughts mirror today’s which isn’t new
Like my dreams equate to her happiness & smile
hoping she realizes the connection is true
& doesn’t ignore the one who
loves, cares & misses her too
I strive to be the only one who realizes who you are
hoping you don’t lose me in the form of the moon while counting the stars
since i love you at all cost
i give you time even though its hard
& if it’s meant to be, you know where it starts
Lino Robles
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