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Daily Archives: January 30, 2014



Listen to mother earth,
Listen and you shall hear,
Something that is stirring,
Something that is near.

What can this excitement be?
That you sense is all around,
What is that vibration?
That is felt from within the ground.

Mother Natures is awakening,
For spring is in the air,
Waiting to give birth,
To jewels that she will share.

A treasure box of beauty,
Standing all in line,
Waiting to give pleasure,
Eager to grow and shine.

Miracles everyone of them,
As they struggle through the ground,
Waiting to bloom,
For everyone around.

Mother Nature is at her best,
When she carpets our entire world,
With breath taking colours,
When her kingdom she does unfurl.

So breath in all that she gives,
Sweet perfumes of delight,
A healing power of love,
From natures eternal light.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

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