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Daily Archives: February 7, 2014

FROM THE BOTTOM UP – Promote Yourself




Pulling and pushing in every direction;

Yet even a raging nor’easter cannot

Uplift or tear these tendrils from the soil.


Ridges along the bark rising toward the canopy,

Each a memory: sometimes nicked, sometimes untouched;

Inside, concentric rings reveal the years but not the truth;

Skin rugged when peeled left vulnerable, exposed.


As a sentence map, diagrammed: branches seemingly haphazard,

But each off-shoot shares a purpose to capture the light.

And in turn, the yellow orb provides nourishment,

Through the green-veined leaves.

Nature’s juice which travels a webbed network.


For like the oak tree, you rise from grounded roots,

But bend with the wind.

Your weathered, show signs of punishment;

Still you stand.


Arms; legs round and muscled reach for the sky, gather strength,

As your trunk holds despite setbacks, exposed truths;

Blood surges along labyrinthine veins, feeding your body,

While hardened memories softened by your inner nature,

Are fed by earth-bound senses and love’s light.

Wendy Shreve

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