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Daily Archives: February 10, 2014

Seaching for Answers by malcolm Bradshaw

My List – Promote Yourself


If i hold another girl is cause you’re not around
& i want to feel your comfort 
covering me like clothes when i move around
Easy for her to say i don’t expect you to do anything
i’m just trying to manage my experiences with everything
dialing up & down my own expectations before the phone rings
I feel the connection is definitely something
in the form of me wont let you go & the bond is more than a silent rumbling
which tells me i don’t want to be left with nothing
cause i know your thoughts are more than a fling
funny how the complexity of my own answers isn’t what brings
it all full circle & the question becomes the only thing
With that said I’ve always told her 
since you’re in my corner
unconditional is the word, but my soul takes it much further
Thus the reason i’ll always love you harder
I feel like loving you comes with a script
but Hollywood has never seen a love story like this
cause i know everything i want in you has been checked off my list
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