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Daily Archives: February 11, 2014

TOTEM – Promote Yourself

Deeply etched tower, grounded; rooted,
Reaches for the heavens, reveals reverence;
Stories told in cedar, messages not muted;
What is real, what matters—continuance.
Red, white, black Sockeye salmon,
Brown, black, grooved Great Bear,
Green, veined, feathered fern: all of the Earth,
Signifying this planets worth;
Clans from the past reveal their lineage, still present,
As they elevate our Mother to her prime; expressing meaning over content.
For Nature’s wooden tapestry, curved, concave, carved, convex,
Emboldened with color, subtle lines complex,
Native, sculpted, regally tall,
Reminds us to accept what is sacred, is not to fall.
Wendy Shreve

How I Feel – Promote Yourself










I am both the calm and the storm.

Both anchored and free.








I want both space and to be closer to you.

To reject your touch and crave it in its absence.




Freedom wrapped in tender, loving chains that bind

You to me. Me to you.


Never-ending yet it ends.

Cyclical yet it begins.


Continuity on the path from my heart

To yours.


In your eyes,

Your caress,

Your words,

There is love.


There is me.

In your love,

In my love,

In our love,


There is you.

Breaking down my walls,

And building those walls

In the same breath.


In love.

Chelsea Pittman 

 Blog: Country: United States

About me: I am a 21 year old senior in college, who is trying to find her path in the “real-postgrad-world” 

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