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Daily Archives: February 16, 2014

Caffeinated Love – Promote Yourself

 caffeinated love

Sipping artificial sleep From a coffee cup
Feel caffeine
Prop up drooping eyelids
Lingering Feeling of a bus stop
Somewhere in Europe
With you Droopy-lidded beside me.
Lauren Harvey

The Last Reminiscence

lonely person walking


In hostile lands far – far away
A lonely traveler trudged on sand yellow and gray.
All illusions had become real
As his Fate in Time’s grasp lay seal
For days he walked through boundless plain,
He had everything to lose and nothing to gain.
Nonetheless he did not halt
In hostile lands far – far away.

The winds for company the stars his guide,
He challenged the elements with nothing but a leather hide.
Through unforgiving forests and mysterious mountains,
He battled fog, wind and rains.
Finally through the deserts of treachery
He neared his enemy; with only courage, skill and belief as his armory.
In hostile lands far – far away.

For it was on the shores of sorrow, that he finally glimpsed,
The maiden for whom he stopped not, even when hope was dim.
She smiled, curing him of all his worry,
Few yards remained and he craved to breach them in a hurry.
His heart beating, through the sands he scurried,
For in his heart lay great love for her buried.
Fatigue could not stop the warrior, whose love was in his wait,
But he knew not as thunderstruck on victory’s gate.
In hostile lands far – far away.

A Tempest arose without warning,
Taking everything in its fury that fateful morning.
Helpless he fell to his knees, the maiden in clutches of fate,
Alas! The quest was complete but he was too late.
A maelstrom raged; his life was transformed that bitter day,
After all he had endeavored; powerless he now stood under the morning ray.
In pain, in anguish he lamented on the black shore,
He was disturbed; he was distressed but love in his heart for her he still bore.
In hostile lands far – far away.

He did not run, he did not hide.
Their love was eternal, and it was but pure,
And in the world none may shatter what is but one
For whom he loved he would now confront,
Thus he did not stop the storm in front…
A tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers never to be,
And as silence fell under the dark sky,
Destiny looked upon a tear in its eye.
In hostile lands far – far away.

18th March 2008

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