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Daily Archives: February 18, 2014

Check & Mate – Promote Yourself


Sunken eyes ,
tired face Standing by in d row Its life ,
still half left, Have long to go..
Don’t wan to think Widou drink ,
letting all my comfort to shrink.,
I know nothing is going to change,
Within single eye blink..
Now i dont dream ,
don’t imagine I am just living I sleep fr morning Not for a dream
Nomore reasons to see the watch Its not my time
I am notta poet heart lover
Not a moron common head I am lying on lies
Walking on nightmare’s  I am a dried feeling ,
Like a unfold waves
Which comes and goes I am pedestal wo is challenging bishop
When d game is no more ..
I feel
I am one wo is asked to check After getting mate .
By Atul Shukla
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