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Daily Archives: February 20, 2014

Baby Steps – Promote Yourself


Holding my breath I watch from close by
I know this is the moment my heart will fill with pride,
You pull yourself up like a million times before
But this time you’re unsteady, you look unsure,
Then it happens you take a step so small
My heart in my mouth hoping you don’t fall,
Another step then you fall on your bum
With a smile that says “look I did it mum”,
Just a few weeks later your confidence has grown
Everyone in the family you have shown,
By 13 months you’re walking all the time
Such a clever little boy, so proud you are mine.

Abbe Cutforth

A Dedicated Bench


On this a blue skied day
I wonder around this quiet village
Where unknown families
Eternity together.
Lying side by side.
No longer burdened by hopes,
Dramas or petty woes.
You can come and sit
At a strangers feet
On a dedicated bench
That takes the weight of time
Off your shoulders.
I wonder about the life
They lived
In-between those numbers.

Gabriel Denver

A grain of sand

A grain of sand in a lifeless land

As far as the eye can see

It’s been a week, with no relief,

won’t you come and set me free 

How I wish a plane would land, according to plan

And take me away from here but my luck’s run out,

My body is broke and I don’t know where I am 

The wind blows through, it chills me blue and I don’t know

Where I am With nothing to scoff and not even a brew

I think I’m left behind In this lifeless land

Filled with sand I know my life is through

Then the radio crackles and I’m made to remind

That there are others out there tooleft in this land like a

Grain of sand waiting to come home too……

Dan Fry

Leo the cat

Black and grey stripes on his bottom

 With a little bit of white

Sometimes when  out he goes out of sight

He sleeps and sleeps when it’s light

And usually comes alive at night,

First time he went missing he gave us a fright

Returning so weak  couldn’t even fight mice,

Off to the vets to sort him out

He makes me lough and makes me shout

When he scratches the couch and constantly meows,

For food, for fuss, to be free and let out

Up and down the stairs and catching flies,

He wants to play you can see it in his eyes

By  Christopher Woolvett

A misleading innocence


Some nonentities were looking for solace

And found it in  pride -ing themselves on insolence 

Toward the Prophet and a massive populace

On the pretext of freedom and spontaneous innocence

Anyone with little discernment can detect their malice


In short order, they spread such contemptuous rudeness

And made it a new trend and of frequent occurrence

To inflame people’s emotions and increase their sufferance 

And push the credulous to revulsion and violence

Just to satisfy the interests of people of consequence


I wonder, how can a spiteful fiend preach tolerance?

I wonder, how to be caught red-handed and claim innocence?

I wonder, how to prick people and impose silence?

I wonder, how to be corrupt and have conscience?

I wonder, how to support flagrant miscarriage of justice?


Hey! None of your pictures, words or movies

Can diminish the Prophet’s brilliance

 Nor make anyone of you a genius

Refine your creativity for the sake of peace

And remember: buttocks never release a masterpiece.


© Chaouki MkaddemSeptember 22, 2012

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