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Daily Archives: February 25, 2014

Telepathy – Promote Yourself







Telepathy, now there’s a word that deserves to be written about

As a matter of fact it’s a word that from the roof tops we should shout.

When great minds think alike and one another we can’t see

Just be glad they invented that word called telepathy.

Where you can send a message in the blinking of an eye

And even though there’s no contact made it’s like a bolt of lightening from the sky.

You get the warmest feeling and your body feels a glow

There is a special someone out there that’s all you need to know.

Their thoughts are there with you deep within their mind

You’re thinking of them also to send a message you’re inclined.

So you gather warm thoughts together use your mental energy

Then your glad it was invented that word – telepathy.

C. J. Black. 25/02/14

How to Forget – Promote Yourself



For some things it takes a great deal of  remembering

To forget about thinking things you no longer want

To  remember.

The terrible days that stalk you

Will always do so.

They have such  a hold on your heart

It is impossible to let them go.

For those the only  solace Is to bury them beneath a trust in new experiences.

The hurts of  love you thought you would not live through

Have already proved weak each  time you draw a breath.

It is the smaller things, slights, humiliations,  disappointments

That live so close to the heart’s life they can only

Be  forgiven.

They can’t be forgot but grow smaller

Every day you grow into the  person you really are.

But the easiest of things to forget, you never  notice

They are missing from your memory until too late.

They are the  things that will hurt the most because 

They were best parts  of your lives, you never  imagined

You would forget.

K. A. Brace–

Spending Time With the Blues




There is that rhythm

Like a slow breathing woman

Playing with my senses

She knows I’m in love

With the way she moves

The way she grooves

I’m just along for the ride

Hoping she might abide

To my dreams kept tucked away

Those notions that are for her today


“This old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind”

While I dance a little jig in my mind

Waiting until the next rift catches me

Takes me for that ride again

Drifting out the door of this room

To a different place, a lovely place

Where everyone is dancing, and dancing

Where everyone is together

Feeling, laughing, playing

And nothing really matters

‘cept the blues keep rolling by


If they let me I might decide to stay

While the music continues to play

I will only need to leave

If the rhythm may lose that hold

On the memory driven songs in my head

Pain and agony just seem so far away

Like a needle in my arm to cloud the day

I will just hold you next to me

And let the heat of our energy

Give me a reason to stay with you today

All that other daily trash just slide away


I remember glancing at you from a distance

Sweet your eyes that day gave me 

Thom Amundsen 2014

MURDER OF CROWS – Promote Yourself




Underneath the September clouds,

A dash of black is a murder of crows –

Above the river, amidst the crowds,

Upon the bridge. Yet no one knows.


Later in the day, the wide wood

would collapse, stealing a child.

Maybe two. Just as it should.

It’d leave a mark, black and wild.


And as lives go on, the murder

is slowly but surely, getting larger.

A boy. Struck by a girder.

A woman. Zapped by a charger.


So look not at the crows.

A murder was seen somewhere

in Russia. A man froze.

Now do not tread there.


On the eleventh, a murder of crows

was settled beside gloomy flowers,

In the wake of encroaching shadows,

Beneath the gaze of identical towers.
Shubham Goenka

What a Rhyme! – Promote Yourself



Once upon a time
Souls drenched in grime
Wanted words to rhyme
Sought immorality and crime
The framework of their paradigm
That inspired the craved rhyme:
Fake democracy is our best policy
To conceal our conspiracy
And veil our greed and hypocrisy
Grass roots follow our tendency
In the name of transparency
Which will be our long-life currency
Luckily, there are honest souls
Sworn to sublime goals
To eradicate these hellholes
Kill off the voracious voles
Restore democracy’s real roles
And harmonize different souls
© Chaouki M’kaddem February 21st, 2014

Chaouki M’kaddem
Senior EFL teacher,
Ministry of Education, Tunisia

The Visitant – promote Yourself


The duality of two realms encountered by magical means,

where the universe is welcomed.


Both of them

Challenging together,

Witnessing together,

Controlled by the same actors switching tongues.


Dreamed, wrecked, staged

Your realm,

Your face

Your soul!


“We are tripping,”

They’ll say as they surround their ghastly appearances,

Attached to the same existence

Being the visitors (saluting lands)

Being the guest (playing the strings)


Consequently, becoming the butler

the victim.

Apologizing for raising the voice

Into a vagueness.


Is it ever the greatest place to enjoy reality?

Does it represent power? (because of its own neutrality)

Like thunder striking the light

Like planes defying their ancestral creators.

Fighting at each other – winds, clouds, stars, snowfall, rainfall.


A mystical illustration to the skeptical

Conducted by spirits,

Flapping in the stairs,

Disrupted by the demons hiding on the corners.


‘The States of Roles,’ as they are being adorned by fantasies

Magic is spread at the end

To wake up the public and thank them for their assistance

“Good night, good luck… You’ve been a lovely audience”


After you turn your back and your viewers are gone,

You return to your realm,

Where you mirror

Your own nature.

By Tony kuko

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