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The Visitant – promote Yourself


The duality of two realms encountered by magical means,

where the universe is welcomed.


Both of them

Challenging together,

Witnessing together,

Controlled by the same actors switching tongues.


Dreamed, wrecked, staged

Your realm,

Your face

Your soul!


“We are tripping,”

They’ll say as they surround their ghastly appearances,

Attached to the same existence

Being the visitors (saluting lands)

Being the guest (playing the strings)


Consequently, becoming the butler

the victim.

Apologizing for raising the voice

Into a vagueness.


Is it ever the greatest place to enjoy reality?

Does it represent power? (because of its own neutrality)

Like thunder striking the light

Like planes defying their ancestral creators.

Fighting at each other – winds, clouds, stars, snowfall, rainfall.


A mystical illustration to the skeptical

Conducted by spirits,

Flapping in the stairs,

Disrupted by the demons hiding on the corners.


‘The States of Roles,’ as they are being adorned by fantasies

Magic is spread at the end

To wake up the public and thank them for their assistance

“Good night, good luck… You’ve been a lovely audience”


After you turn your back and your viewers are gone,

You return to your realm,

Where you mirror

Your own nature.

By Tony kuko

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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