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Should I speak or should I smile? – Promote Yourself


Should i speak or should i smile?
Its two and two Still i am looking at sky
Whenever i m so fast ,
When m so light..
Its the time which pushes me ..
Drags me aside ,
Under the clouds of heaviness
Sheering among dark floating bouys..
I’m feeling shattered like them Running aimless ,
Raining ups and down , covering the skies.
I know today its darker..
Tomorrow, after sometime morning will smile.
I dont know how to think..
What to decide..?
From where i have to move
From where to make a  start..
Should i speak ? or should i smile ?
Feeling helpless ,
Letting myself drag with lee of the time,
I am just listening to the waves
Which are touching me & moving around ..
I know this well ,
 I have passes been through many troughs before
Clocks makes thing easier ,
hopes burning bright..
Coming Monday will be beautiful and
Course will be fine..
But today; With confused expression
To breathe in suffocation ,
To feel alive I am
Asking this unwished pleasure ,
With bleeding conscience of mine..
Should i speak or should i smile..?

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