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Black Holes – Promote Yourself

black hole

 NASA says the reason Black Holes exist is because

So much matter is squeezed into such a tiny place,

Making the gravitational force so strong even light cannot escape it.

They say this can happen when the star is dying.

Stars can die when they run out of hydrogen fuel.

But what if the stars don’t just die because they don’t have fuel,

What if they are just too lonely out there in space?

Maybe they feel like they aren’t understood.

What if the stars collapse into themselves because they are tired of expanding?

Reaching their arms out to black, everlasting darkness.

Maybe they collapse because they’ve given up.

Christopher Poindexter once wrote,

“We are the scientists trying to make sense of the stars inside of us.”

If this is true, are we too going to one day collapse?

Become tired of reaching out to black, everlasting darkness.

Will we become so scared that we will try to take everything important with us?

“Matter, squeezed into such a tiny place.”

Will we not let light escape because we are tired of always being left alone in the dark?


Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

I look forward to your response. 

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