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Daily Archives: March 6, 2014

Into Darkness – Promote yourself


Here are three poems from my published book, Into Darkness: Short stories and Whatever Vol. 1. 
Into Darkness: Short Stories and Whatever is a series of weird literature that includes short stories, flash fiction, poetry and one chapter excerpts from five actual novels. The series will be compiled as ten volumes which will culminate as an anthology. Each volume will have different types of short stories, different kinds of poetry, mental notes and flash fiction. Each volume will also include one chapter from five actual novels that will progress with each volume.
Author’s Bio
José I. Quiñones is a current college graduate who currently sails through the murky waters of our troubled times. Since day one, he was been an avid dreamer. It was only until recent times that the idea to write down his vivid fantasies came to realization.
He sat down in the depths of his man cave and cooked up many ideas. Every night his nightmares would come to reality and trouble him on the white digital canvas that lay on the screen of his laptop.
He sat there typing away while the storm brewed up hatred and darkness in the distance. The horizon turned blood red–signaling the dawn of a new era. It was a new beginning–it was the inception of an idea that slowly grew inside his mind, eventually eating at him with every word he typed. He finally immersed himself into his very own story–never to know the difference between reality and fiction.
I Fell So Deep
I fell so deep into a well
Filled with tears and tales
Of lonely summer nights
Of burning fire flies
But only found stories full of lies.
I sought you in my dreams
Searched and searched to the unseen
Went to places where you had been
Until I stumbled upon your grave
And knew I had arrived too late.
I approached normal yesterday
Went out and smelled the hay
While the rain in the air it laid.
I saw the sunshine
I smelled the turpentine
But couldn’t find my valentine.
I thought myself a little lie
About a time we once died
Before I awoke in a brand new sky.
I sought the end of days
Covered in purple haze
I dashed through the maze.
I felt you full of hate
Up at night, so late
Pondering about your fate.
Complicated thoughts
Really hard to understand
Stupid to follow

Just listen! – Promote Yourself

Just listen! I won’t tell you any wonder
Your issues with feminine gender
And belief that women only hinder
Are but bigotry wrapped in anger 
Just listen! I won’t tell you any wonder
Be cool and don’t lose your temper
Why don’t you pause and ponder
And see women’s luster and splendor?
Just listen! I won’t tell you any wonder
Think of your roots and first ancestor
And how all of you get a successor
Certainly, there’s always a great partner
Just listen! I won’t tell you any wonder
You certainly have a grandma and mother
And maybe an aunt, daughter or sister
Think how they made your dreams broader 
Just listen! I won’t tell you any wonder
Scroll through history with a wise cursor 
And sail into the wide blue yonder
You will see you had the wrong number
Just listen! I won’t tell you any wonder
Your chauvinism and attempts to murder
Her ambitions, creativity and ardor
Just strengthen her and boost her willpower 
Just listen! I won’t tell you any wonder
Be honest! Are your claims a mere blunder?
Seek truth deep in you or any further
Don’t you think it’s time to surrender? 
© Chaouki M’kaddem
March 6th, 2014

Chaouki M’kaddem
Senior EFL teacher,
Ministry of Education, Tunisia
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