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Daily Archives: March 7, 2014

Insidious and sly – Promote Yourself

 win or lose


Wrapped in your beguilement like a silk that was fine.

Still cold within something that was unsatisfyingly thin

But felt coarse like a sack, lying in a field of rye.

All your flaws,

So deceitfully concealed.

But mine of which I shared with you, I asked of you to forget with nonchalance

And most importantly, yield.

Ravenous for any form of affection,

But just pure passiveness was all I got, when I trace back to my recollections.

Establishment was a sensitive topic that we never dared to mention,

And I would have preferred to have been free,

But I never escaped the constraints of the tension.

Yourself, afar and distant,

Always vivid in the dark.

The pair of us,

Facets to the undefined.

Playing a game where the reward wasn’t something a little under a mil’,

A game of which,

Neither of us could ever win,

(Nil, Neil.)

But I wouldn’t know what consciousness was, if I were ripped by the hits of a bong,

And I still don’t know what selflessness is, even though I endured it so long

But yet, I still continue to wrestle with these unresolved feelings.
So here I write, with my racing, angry thoughts, all fucking lyrical and poetic

But the anger isn’t subdued when trying to think of cunning phonetics.


Insidious and sly.

That’s what you were,

And that’s what it was.


-Tatiana. 15. London.

Your Harbour Lights – Promote Yourself



Your harbour lights

Shine to light my way home,

Sailing to sure haven,

Sheltered safe from the storm;

Guiding true strait path,

Avoiding hidden danger,

Finding safe passage

Until I reach home.

Your harbour lights,

Shining beacon of hope,

Piercing dull evening

Cloaking over my boat.

Lighting Your gracious path,

Set out by my Saviour,

Assuring safe passage,

And carrying me home.

Your harbour lights

Mark family and a fireside,

Warmth and security,

Sitting there by my God’s side,

Preparing next voyage,

Planning our journey,

Back out to the wild seas,

To battle Earth’s raging tides.


by @faithunlocked

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